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Break the Cycle

by | Mar 11, 2021

Break the Cycle

Believe in yourself just as you believe in the potential of your child.

By Cassie Moran

Date: March 11, 2021

Many parents who have an interest in homeschooling their children are deterred by the thought that they are not educated enough. So they continue to send their children to the very same schools that did not educate them enough. Don’t believe the lie; break the cycle!

You do not need a teaching degree to teach your child. Do you know where your child’s teacher went to school? Which classes they took? What their grade point average was? Probably not. The teachers we admire stand out because of the way they interact with students. Their relationships with their students demonstrate that they care about students, their education, and their future. And yet no teacher can replicate the bond between parent and child. Parents can best understand and meet the needs of their children.

The best teachers not only connect with students but develop a love of learning in students. Parents and teachers are exactly alike in that they do not know everything. But the parent who knows this and still embraces homeschooling is perfectly poised to develop a love of learning in themselves and their children.

Finally, teachers do not do it alone, and you don’t have to either. Teachers rely on other teachers and their curriculum. The same is available to you: fellow homeschool parents, co-ops, curriculums, and more. A quick browse on the Liberty Scholar website will show you the abundance of options at your hands.

No one is as invested in your child as you are. Believe in yourself just as you believe in the potential of your child.

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