CALL TO ACTION: Special session: Vaccine Mandate Follow-Up

by | Aug 29, 2021

Urge Governor DeSantis, Senate President Simpson, and House Speaker Sprowls to convene a Special Legislative Session immediately to stop the stampede toward “mandatory vaccines”. Companies, corporations and even some school districts are giving their employees an unthinkable ultimatum: take the experimental Covid vaccine or be terminated or lose salary and benefits. This kind of insidious discrimination has no place in our great State.

Governor DeSantis is doing an amazing job to protect the Constitutional and individual right of all Floridians. Now it’s time to double down and tell your legislative leaders to stand united to protect your family and neighbors. Whether you believe in the so-called vaccine or not, stand to protect your rights and the Constitutional rights of every US citizen.


Use the petition below to contact Florida leadership!

NOTE REGARDING PETITION: Your impact will be greater if you take a few minutes to write your own subject and rewrite some of the email message to be in your own words. Leaders and their staffs tend to pay less attention to emails that are identical copies of what they’ve seen before. But if you take the time to change it (or at least SOME of it), it indicates that you care enough about the issue to spend some time constructing your message.


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