CALL TO ACTION: Support Senate Bill 1348 and the Expansion of School Choice Opportunities for Florida Families

by | Jan 22, 2022

SB 1348 simplifies eligibility for the Family Empowerment Scholarship and streamlines the process for applying for and receiving scholarship funds.


Use the petition below to contact all members of the Senate Education Committee.

NOTE REGARDING PETITION: Your impact will be greater if you take a few minutes to write your own subject and rewrite some of the email message to be in your own words. Leaders and their staffs tend to pay less attention to emails that are identical copies of what they’ve seen before. But if you take the time to change it (or at least SOME of it), it indicates that you care enough about the issue to spend some time constructing your message.


NOTE: if you submit the petition via a mobile device and receive an “invalid email” message, please make sure you’re manually entering all the petition form fields (not using auto-fill of any kind). If the problem persists, please try again on a computer. We are aware of the mobile device issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible.

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