Florida Citizens Alliance Helps Parents Hold University Accountable

by | Sep 13, 2023

Article Submitted By: Ryan Kennedy on 9/13/2023

On Monday, August 28th, Mrs. Shari Conley reached out to us, seeking assistance regarding her child at Lynn University. On August 20th, Mrs. Conley and their daughter observed a transgender student moving into a female-only floor of a dorm at Lynn University after all students should have already moved in. The student in question would be sharing restroom and shower facilities with other female students, including the Conleys’ daughter. Prior to the Conleys reaching out to us, they had attempted to work with the university. The university’s response was to offer to move their daughter from the dorm, but this would still keep the transgender student with other females.

Once Mrs. Conley reached out to us, we informed her about the passage and signing into law of HB 1521, which strictly states that all males and females must use the restrooms, showers, and locker rooms that correspond to their biological sex. She then sent a copy of the law to the university, at which time they decided to move the transgender student.

Mrs. Conley said, “If it had not been for your organization, nothing would have been resolved.”

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