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Is this censorship?

by | Oct 8, 2020

Is this censorship?

Bowdlerize [ bohd-luh-rahyz, boud– ] verb (used with object), bowd·ler·ized, bowd·ler·iz·ing.

  1. to modify by abridging; simplifying style or content

By Cassie Moran

Oct. 8, 2020

Thomas Bowdler published The Family Shakespeare to save families the trouble of having to discern and discard that which was inappropriate for children as they were reading Shakespeare. Oftentimes, bowdlerization is synonymized with censorship- yet this is a dangerous misuse of the term censorship. When considering our children, it is not only valid, but vital, to ask, How much do we present, and when do we present it? To ask these questions is an act of judgement, maturity, and love. Government schools no longer uphold decent standards for the content to which they expose our children- from wildly inappropriate sexual content to gross mischaracterizations of history, government indoctrination is real. Just because proper standards have been thrown out the window by so much of the world does not mean you should accept this for your child. It is the role of the parents to know what their children are encountering, and to make decisions as to what is best for their children.

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