Support Indian River Sunshine lawsuit against IRC School District

Indian River Sunshine lawsuit

Florida Citizens Alliance ( FLCA) has filed suit against the Indian River School District on behalf of the citizens of Indian River County (IRC). Through public records requests and the reporting of FLCA members in IRC, we have concluded that the Indian River School Board violated the Sunshine law in the same way as Collier County. FLCA previously sued Collier County to bring accountability and transparency to the textbook selection process, and we won. Moreover, our victory was upheld by the Supreme Court. (Click here to see the summary.) 

Now, we need your help to bring accountability and transparency to Indian River County. We have the precedent of our previous victory to build upon, and we are confident the law is on our side, but suing government entities takes resources, and we hope you will help us in our endeavor to ensure all future instructional material adoptions by the IRC School Board are carried out in the Sunshine where the public can observe and participate in the process.  Your financial support will be used to support this legal action and is tax deductible, as FLCA is a 501 c(3) in good standing with the State of Florida and the IRS.

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