by | Aug 25, 2023

July was full of victories for all of us who stand for the protection of our children. 

According to the Washington Post: …in Florida, textbook publishers weary from last year’s contentious back-and-forth with the Education Department over allegedly racist content in math textbooks are now fighting over social studies textbooks. The department rejected more than 30 such tomes this spring and sought edits to an additional 47… [Read more] 

Thanks to all of our supporters, our voices were heard and we are truly making an impact!

We are currently in the middle of our 2023 Liberty Challenge. 

The Liberty Challenge is our annual campaign where all funds raised will support our advocacy, engagement, and community outreach activities.

This month, we and our allies who hold conservative values cemented an enormous win for parental rights in education at the Florida State Board of Education meeting. 

Although our efforts faced opposition from many Left-Wing activists, all the rules we advocated for were passed unanimously. This victory was the result of the support of people like you. People who truly understand the importance of protecting children from confusion and illogical ideologies.

Will you help Florida Citizens Alliance continue to rescue Florida’s children from failing schools? Contribute today.

With your help, we will unite and empower teachers, students, and parents.

some rules that were passed to help the expansion of the Parental Rights in Education Bill:

  • Ban drag shows on school properties
  • Restricted boys and girls to the appropriate restroom facilities
  • And ban the use of incorrect pronouns in the classroom

Will you join us in our mission to protect all children? That’s why we are asking you to donate just $5 to help us promote school choice and save Florida’s kids from a struggling school system.

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