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Closing Loopholes and Shaping Education: Florida Citizens Alliance’s 2024 Goals

by | Aug 31, 2023

Article Submitted by: Ryan Kennedy

The 2023 legislative session in Florida has been called by many a consequential session. I would agree with this. For Florida Citizens Alliance, we were able to influence and support many bills. Out of the bills we supported, 94% were signed into law.

Even with the great 2023 session we had, more work still needs to be done. We have just recently published our 2024 Legislative Agenda (you can find this on our website) which outlines 11 items. The two biggest items are removing loopholes that the school districts use to allow children to see sexually explicit materials and banning social-emotional learning (SEL). Many of the other items are needed improvements to bills passed from the last session.

With the bold leadership that the legislators took last year, we hope that this year will be just as successful for the betterment of our kids.

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