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Transforming Florida’s K-12 education by uniting and empowering teachers, students, and parents

Florida Children’s Education & Future are at Stake

Florida Citizens Alliance

Without reform, students will continue to be academically, civically, and morally underserved, and our nation’s founding principles and family values will continue to be undermined. Our children are the future, and we must provide them with the education they deserve to thrive and succeed.

At Florida Citizens Alliance, we understand the urgency of this issue and the impact it has on our children and our society as a whole. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving Florida’s K-12 education system. With your support, we can promote legislative action, engage local communities, and provide alternative education resources to help transform the future of education in Florida. Together, we can ensure that our children receive the education they need to become responsible, productive members of society.

Community Involvement

We engage with community leaders to help them understand current issues in our public education system how each of them can help to improve it...putting the kids first.

Education Solutions

We provide parents and grandparents with alternative education resources, such as scholarship information, so that you can easily choose the best education for your family.

Legislative Action

We advocate for parental choice and solutions that fuel student success with 100% of donations going directly to educating the public and supporting legislative action.

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Our Mission & Vision

To improve Florida’s K-12 education by uniting and empowering teachers, students, and parents.

Florida Citizens Alliance champions K-12 education reform in Florida. As a 501-c3 nonprofit, FLCA’s mission is to improve Florida’s K-12 education by uniting and empowering teachers, students, and parents. 100% of donations go directly toward the three pillars of our mission: promoting legislative action, engaging local communities with our KIDS FIRST teams, and providing alternative education resources through our Liberty Scholar initiative. 

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What are microschools?

Microschools, part of FLCA’s initiative, offer innovative and alternative educational options for Florida’s Christian churches and families. They provide a God-centered worldview and diverse learning models like 5-day Mini’s, Micros, Pods, One-Room School House concepts, learning centers, and hybrids. FLCA supports microschools by partnering with leading content and service providers, offering educational resources aligned with Christian values.












The Supremacy Clause

The Supremacy Clause

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