The Deceiving Nature of Amendment 4

by | Apr 26, 2024

Florida Citizens Alliance is proud to stand for parental rights and protecting Florida’s children. 

On the 2024 general election ballot this November, Florida voters will be presented with a deceptive ballot measure that would enshrine abortion access up until the point of birth in the Florida Constitution. 

Don’t be deceived. This amendment will do all of the following if passed: 

  • Will allow access to abortion up until the point of birth. The amendment is based on viability but can be very subjective. It also creates a carveout for up to birth if a patient’s healthcare provider deems it necessary. 
  • Allow individuals other than a doctor to perform an abortion or grant access to abortion up until birth. According to Florida law, some healthcare providers are athletic trainers, massage therapists, and pharmacy owners.
  • Will remove parental consent for minors from the law. The amendment says they must notify a parent; however, under law, notification and consent are different. 
  • Will remove any ability for the state to regulate safe medical standards in regards to abortion. 

Florida citizens need to know the truth about this deceptive amendment. 

To find out more information on this amendment, please visit:

Note: Florida Citizens Alliance is not affiliated with Florida Voters Against Extremism or Do No Harm Florida

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