Florida Sues Biden’s Federal Department of Education

by | Apr 30, 2024

It was announced Monday, April 29, 2024, that Florida and several states filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s Department of Education based on the recent Title IX changes. 

These changes made “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” a part of Title IX. It could also allow biological men to gain access to women’s locker rooms, dorms, etc. 

Over the past several legislative sessions, we have championed several policy changes that have passed. Some of these include limiting the discussion of “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” and banning the use of “preferred pronouns” in classrooms. 

The Florida Citizens Alliance applauds the stance Florida is taking. We encourage Florida to keep fighting these changes to Title IX. We believe that if these changes were to take effect, it would undo years of progress made in Florida in protecting children in and out of school. We must stay on the path of protecting students’ and parents’ rights.

In addition, we signed a letter, spearheaded by Parents Defending Education, sent to Secretary Miguel Cardona expressing our opposition to final Title IX rules.

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