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Florida Scholarship

We believe that your child deserves the best education available. With this in mind, we have created this list of scholarship opportunities available for Florida students.  Scholarships are available for children experiencing bullying, in need of help with reading or disabilities, for low income families and more.  One of these scholarships could potentially be your child’s ticket into a school that will challenge them towards their highest potential!

Hope Scholarship, Florida Citizens Alliance, FL

The Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship is for Florida public school students in grades K-12 who have been bullied, harassed, assaulted, threatened and/or other violent acts. It allows that student to transfer to a private school of their choice or another public school.

The best part about this scholarship is that the parent deems their own eligibility. That means, if you believe that your child has been threatened, intimidated, or harassed by a teacher, fellow student, or school employee, you immediately qualify for up to $8,000 to send your child to a private school today!


FLCA’s Microschool initiative encourages Christian churches and families in Florida to adopt a God-centered approach to education and explore public school alternatives. Through strategic partnerships with respected providers like My Fathers World, Classical Conversations, Freedom Project Academy, and Foundation for American Christian Education, FLCA aims to empower families with a wide range of educational choices that reflect their faith and values, paving the way for transformative learning experiences.

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County Rankings

The Florida County Rankings are here!

The main purpose for sharing this data is to point out the obvious disconnect when you compare nationally normed high school ranking data with the Florida DOE “report card” grades which are calculated using a FL DOE proprietary formula. This proprietary grading formula was created by and can be manipulated by the FL DOE. Do you know how your county ranks?

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