Liberty Challenge 2023

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Give Me Liberty

On July 4, 1776, our Founding Fathers signed a document that forever changed the course of history. With the stroke of a pen, those brave men declared our nation’s independence and established a nation where liberty and justice would be extended to all people.

In this time, when those liberties are under continuous attack, join with Florida Citizens’ Alliance in preserving the freedoms that we have enjoyed for our children and generations to come. At Florida Citizen’s Alliance we put kids and families first and work to unite teachers, parents, and children to improve education for all of Florida’s children.

Show your support by joining our Liberty Circle. As a thank you you will receive the following perks:

  • For $17.76: Receive action alerts and monthly newsletter.
  • For $177.60: Discounted admission to Liberty & Learning events, Receive action alerts & newsletter.
  • For $1,776.00: VIP ticket to the Kids & Country 2023 gala, Discounted admission to Liberty & Learning events, Receive action alerts & newsletter.

Our goal at Florida Citizens Alliance is to improve K-12 education in Florida by promoting school choice, parental rights, and community action in order to get rid of the bias and indoctrination in our schools. Your donation to this campaign will enable Florida Citizens Alliance to strengthen our advocacy efforts, increase our engagement activities and expand our educational solutions.


Give me liberty

2022 Achievements

  • Empowered us to amplify your voice in the Florida legislature. In 2022 alone we were able to have Six of our legislative priorities pushed through and signed into law.
  • We are actively expanding our affiliate marketing by vetting materials with our newly formed vetting team. This team will make it possible for us to provide Florida’s families with the best educational resources.
  • We have strengthened our over 100 strategic partnerships: adding The America Project, Defend Florida, Moms for America, Moms for Liberty, County Citizens Defending Freedom, and Underground Education with Sam Sorbo.
  • Key activities and events to highlight:
    • Underground Education with Sam Sorbo
    • 5 Local Election Candidate Forums
    • 5 Part Politics and Power Series